Proactive RBP

Why Proactive Reference Based Pricing?

As healthcare costs continue to rise and consumers are more often expected to pay exorbitant bills, the need for alternative benefit plan solutions is more important than ever. 

Traditionally, employers have used employee cost-shifting techniques, such as increasing employee deductibles, to help mitigate rising costs. Now there is growing interest in adopting new tactics to reduce the cost of healthcare and improve population health. Proactive Reference Based Pricing (RBP) is a pricing methodology based on a framework from a third party, usually Medicare. It is a way to establish a reasonable amount an employee benefit plan will pay health providers for medical or prescription services ina group benefit plan. 

We give employers, employees & health providers what they want. It's time for Proactive Reference Based Pricing.

What Makes Our Proactive RBP Different?

At Achieve Health Alliance, we do things differently than the other guys. Your clients know exactly what they're getting:

No excessive fees

Plans expertly designed to mitigate balance billing

Strong partnerships with providers

Zero out-of-pocket for members of Safe Harbor Facilities

Member education - not provider litigation

Safe Harbor Facilities

Achieve Health Plans provides a simple, direct contract with local facilities. This includes agreed upon reimbursement amounts set at a fair percentage above Medicare and offers incentives to employees to drive steerage to the facility. This means no balance billing and lower costs for the members and the plan.

Patient Advocacy & Health Literacy

Patient advocacy plays a critical role in bringing transparency and health literacy together to aid the member in making wise decisions about their care. It is proven that health literate patients achieve better health outcomes for a lower total cost. This is why our team focuses on supporting and empowering members through dedicated patient and health adocacy programs designed to help employees and their families navigate the healthcare maze. Our advocacies use cost comparison tools, quality evaluation tools, benefit guides and other services to help patients when they need to make important care decisions. 

Not All Plans Are Created Equal

While so many employers are interested in potentially switching to a RBP plan, it is important to note that not all plans are alike. Achieve Health Plans emphasize member education - not litigation with health providers.

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