A Health Plan Designed by Advisers for advisers

To Prepare a 5 Star meal.

You need a 5 Star Chef.

Delivering outcomes from a self-funded health plan is like preparing a 5 Star meal.
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The Achieve Health Plan


Don’t let the vendors fool you

As a health broker managing a high performing self-funded medical plan is not only complex but 3-5x times the work of a fully insured plan. The reward for us is if you do it well you are irreplaceable. You can’t prepare a 5-star meal with a cook, you need a 5-Star Chef (brokers this is a metaphor for a TPA). It takes experience, skill, and know how accumulated over years of practice to become a 5-Star Chef.

There are lots of vendors out there who would have you believe that all they need to do is provide you with a list of ingredients and then somehow together you will serve a 5-Star meal. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A “New” health plan means we just started.  Can you afford their learning curve?

Some of these vendors have only been cooking for a couple of years

Some are cooking in someone else’s kitchen because they don’t even own one

Some use different cooks and chefs and try to cobble them together

If your client suffers from overpromising and under-delivering then you are at risk. Don’t you have enough to worry about?
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The Full-Stack Health Plan

Managing a self-funded health plan as an independent broker is an absolute hand full. When you try to piece meal a bunch of vendors together, it falls flat on performance. How can you cook a 5 Star meal with the ingredients in another kitchen?

Integration is outsourcing, it does NOT mean done “In-House.”

The Chef (TPA)

44 Yrs of plan administration, ask your TPA about us. Heck we might even process their claims with our system.

Stop Loss Quoting

When you have the best loss ratios with all the carriers, you win the rate game. Did I mention we wrote the manual? 


Stop swimming in the public pools. With no lifeguard on duty your client might drown.

Proactive RBP

12 Yrs in house RBP experience, ask your RBP vendor who they call for help.

Direct Contracting

Hundreds direct contracts. Wait are you still trying to do this yourself? 

RX Watchdog

When claims take 45 days to come in, it’s too late. Unleash the dogs to watch through RX.

Family Monthly Deductible

Wait are you still using an annual deductible that bankrupts the employee?

Care Management

While they learn outsourcing this doesn’t work, we built it in house 12 years ago. 

Claims Auditing

Who’s managing your clients money? While our peers are at 1%, we laugh and do 8-12%. 

Not So Sexy, But Must Have

Data Reports

Tired of finding reports? We provide monthly briefs for your client.

Ben Admin

Easiest enrollment around with no outsourcing.


Load the risk to us, we handle it all.  

Benefit Booklet

Save your manpower, we build you custom handouts for employees. 
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