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The Achieve Health Consortium was created by advisers, for advisers. Our uncompromising qualification standards has created the highest quality consortium pool available. So ask yourself, wouldn’t you want your clients to be in the cleanest pool around?
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The Water’s Clear

Favorable Pricing

Our strict risk management requirements and unmatched loss ratio has positioned us to offer favorable insurance premium pricing.

More Stability

We’ve achieved long term stability for renewals by mandating strategies for claims management for participating groups.

Higher Standards = Lower Risk

2017 Loss Ratio

Treaty Complete

2018 Loss Ratio

Treaty Ends 7/2020, updated through 6/2020

2019 Loss Ratio

Treaty ends 7/2021, updated through 3/2020

The numbers referenced above are not concrete, and are subject to change. Specifically, the 2018 and 2019 numbers are still considered immature, and can/will vastly change before the treaty period and respective run-out is completed finalized.

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  • Independent TPA
  • Transparent Pass Through PBM
  • Employee Concierge Program
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  • Enter / Renew any time of year
  • Choice of Preferred TPA
  • Choice of Preferred PBM
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Profit Sharing

Producers qualifying will receive a profit-sharing distribution based on performance of the consortium’s loss ratio. Producer takes no risk.

Estimate your profit share payments

Amount: $1,000,000

You qualify for: $36,000

*Illustration above based on a 40% net risk loss ratio for the treaty year. Cell size is based off $10 Million in premium.

Keep out of murky waters polluted with unknown risk

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